Top Gas Grills Under $250

It’s true that you more pay you recieve best but when buying an outdoor cooking appliance under $250, there isn’t much to choose from. And these options will be limited in terms of power, cookability, and ease of use. Avoid anything with more than three main burners, stainless steel plates, or multiple features when shopping for the cheapest gas grill. Keep it simple, and it will serve you better and last longer. That said, most of these gas grills won’t be much of a punishment and won’t stay more than a few years (usually two years). I’ve broken this list down into the cheapest and slightly better sections. Look at the first trio, the best grills under $250, and the second trio, the biggest and best gas grills in this price range. This grill will cook burgers and hot dogs for years with proper care and weather protection. None has heating or versatility, but they’re large enough for most homes and powerful enough to handle more basic baking tasks.

1- Coleman RoadTrip 225

1- Coleman RoadTrip 225
Planning a camping trip? RoadTrip 225 will be a great addition to your camping party.
Mobile and accessible at the same time
This oven has elongated legs that, when unfolded, allow you to cook at a comfortable height without having to reach for a raised surface.
When folded, the legs turn the grill into luggage with wheels. You don’t have to carry it. Ideal for a small group
I can fit 9 burgers on its 225 square-inch cooking surface.
From grill to grill in a short time
To make this grill more versatile, replace the cast iron grid with a griddle or even a grill.
Remember that the two accessories are sold separately.
Includes 2 burners instead of one
Most portable ovens (including some more expensive ones) have only one burner. The sideboard is very practical. It also has a hole that can be used as a towel holder and a handle. I’ve put some hooks here to hang my stuff.
The combination of red and black makes this grill beautiful.
The Instastart™ ignition system is a significant improvement over the conventional Piezo ignition system, making it very reliable. Even after a year and a half of regular use, it has never let me down. Like the Classic 405, this one also doesn’t have a thermometer.
The heating is uneven. It’s more relaxed around the edges (if you can).
You can’t use this in the back of a truck because the legs are not removable.
A great budget camping companion
This versatile little beast is portable enough to use virtually anywhere on your way but also large enough for use in the garden.

2- Char Broil Classic 405

The Char-Broil Classic 405 is a sturdy, massive grill especially made for large groups of people. Enough space for 18 burgers. With a generous 405 square inches of cooking space and an extra-large warming grill of 190 square inches, this grill boasts a surprisingly large total cooking area of ​​595 square inches. The grill and heating lathe are cast iron with porcelain enamel. It has four independently controlled burners (including a heated tent), producing 32,000 BTU. Too many burners mean you can easily set up a dual fire zone and smoke with it. All of this, combined with ample kitchen space, allows you to cater to all your friends and family at once. The lid and firebox are made of porcelain-coated steel for added strength. Many inexpensive grills are notorious for being susceptible to rust, but this one is more durable. The grill has two metal side shelves for storage and cooking. The trolley-style design makes this grill easy to move from one place to another in your backyard. A side burner would be an excellent addition to your mix. Negative Points about these grills are -An overhaul is required because the assembly instructions are not well written. And the second negative point is that Many gas grills have built-in thermometers, but these do not.

3- Master Cook 3-Burner BBQ Propane

3- MASTER COOK 3-Burner BBQ Propane Gas Grill
The third is Master Cook’s propane grill. It offers spacious cooking surfaces, including 339 square inches for main dishes and 132.8 square inches for heated shelves. Three stainless steel burners allow users to ignite quickly while distributing heat evenly throughout the cooking area. This grill has two collapsible side shelves to maximize preparation and management space. In addition, a thermometer is built into the die-cast aluminium lid, allowing the user to easily adjust and control the temperature. The propane grill was easy to move thanks to its two large wheels, and the grill’s overall structure seemed pretty stable.
Total of 417 square inches of cooking space. The grate is made of porcelain-coated steel that retains heat perfectly. 2 foldable side shelves Built-in thermometer. There is no lid on the back of the grill, so it is not protected from the wind.

4- Char-Broil Classic 280

4-Char-Broil Classic 280 Grill This CharBroil Classic oven has 280 square inches of primary cooking space, enough to hold about nine burgers. It is powered by two stainless steel burners, rated at 20,000 BTU. You can purchase an additional 8,000 BTU burner if you need a larger cooking area. This CharBroil liquid propane gas grill features a ceramic-coated cooking grid to prevent food from sticking and two additional shelves to expand your preparation and management areas. We found the piezo ignition to be reliable, and the overall construction of this CharBroil grill seems durable and of high quality. Five years warranty. Additional auxiliary burner. Easy to carry. Assembly can be complicated.

5- Pit Boss 75275 Grill

5- Pit Boss 75275 Grill
The Pit Boss 75275 portable grill listed below offers 275 square inches of cooking space in a 430 stainless steel body with a 304 mesh construction. The unit is light enough for easy transport, and the folding legs allow it to be quickly installed on a table. The gas grill has two independently controlled burners that produce 10,000 BTU, so you can cook shearing and slow cooking with the chef. We found that the grill heats up evenly, and there are no hot spots like many grills. Perfect for baking on the go, The grill heats up evenly. A good solution for those who are short on space. No zippers to hold the legs securely in place

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