How to use smoker box on gas grill

The ideal temperature range for a smoker box is between 550 and 750 degrees Fahrenheit, which is what you want to maintain while smoking your meat (287.7 – 398.8 Celsius).

Outside of this temperature range, you will quickly go from barbeque hero to grilled zero.

Fortunately, we’ve put up this simple 5-step guide to show you exactly how to utilise a smoke box and create a great flavour for grilled meat.
We also have some suggestions.

Steps to follow


You should preheat the grill for at least ten minutes before using it. You may crank up the heat on your stovetop now. This will reduce the amount of time needed to get the ideal grill temperature.

When smoking food, you don’t require a lot of equipment. A grill smoker is all that’s needed, and it works wonderfully as an accessory to a smoking grill.

When you put the grill in the smoker box after it has been preheated, the smoking process will go more quickly.

The use of a grill brush made of stainless steel for spot cleaning the metal grill grate is also helpful. It’s important to maintain a clean grill brush at all times.

Tip # 3: Get the smoker box ready for the grill.

Reduce the smoker box to the top of a gas grill burner. Those who like to utilise charcoal grills should always use the highest quality charcoal and place their box directly on top of the coals.

A good approach to get your smoker box hot enough and your chips smoking faster is to turn up the gas grill burners to their highest level. This is the most convenient method. If your gas tank has run dry and you need to replace it, read our instructions on properly disconnecting the propane tank from the grill.

Tip # 2: Prepare the smoking chips by filling the box.

Put in a little more than half of the dry wood chips into the smoker box. For more of a steady, gradual burn, you can also use wood chunks.

You can choose from a number of different kinds of wood chips. Using hickory or pecan wood for smoking red meat will also yield delicious results. Chicken and pork benefit from being smoked over cherry wood or apple wood, which imparts a sweet and smokey flavour. A pleasurable grilling experience may be had by using either mesquite, which imparts a robust flavour to red meats, or oak, which is ideal for imparting a mild, traditional beef flavour.

Tip # 4: Once the box begins to smoke

When the wood chips begin to smoke, you can reduce the heat on your gas grill to the more standard 225 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit [1]. With this, you can easily prepare your grill for indirect cooking.

If you’re using a smoker box, you may leave it on while cooking and reduce the heat on the other burners to keep the wood smoke going.

Tip # 5: FINAL STEP: COVER THE GRILL and let the meat cook

Before lighting a gas grill burner, put your meal on the grilling grate and close the cover. Whether you’re smoking beef, fish, or ribs, you’ll want to take your time cooking for the best results and to bring out those subtle smoke tastes. 1.5 hours per pound of beef is the maximum time for this approach.

Temperatures between 160 and 175 degrees Fahrenheit are safe for cooking poultry, while temperatures between 190 and 200 degrees Fahrenheit are safe for cooking red meat.

However, if you discover that all of the smoking chips have been consumed, all you have to do is open it, remove the smoker box using complete heat-resistant tongs, and replace the chips.

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Smoked meat is the best thing you can make on the grill and enjoy with friends and family. A smoker box comes in handy.

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