How to recycle bbq grill

How to recycle bbq grill

Diirty bbq grill grates

Are you recycling an old grill as part of your pre-cookout season cleaning? Grills can be recycled, but it will take some time and effort on your part. Unlike glass bottles or junk mail, a grill cannot simply be set on the curb and whisked away by a sanitation worker. You will need to disassemble it and drive it to the nearest recycling center. Keep in mind that if you own a gas grill, you may need to find a place to recycle a propane tank as well. Propane tanks can catch fire or explode if mishandled, so make sure you treat it with caution and get it to a qualified recycler.

How to recycle bbq grill (Things to consider)

how to recycle bbq grill - Desmentle
Grills contain metal, plastic, and sometimes wooden parts. All of these items must be recycled in a separate process, so it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to recycle the entire grill at once. That would mean pulling out a few tools and taking the grill apart. But there’s one very important step before you go crazy with screwdrivers and hacksaws. That is to thoroughly clean the grill to remove grease and food debris. Otherwise, recyclers may not accept your parts. Many of the interiors can be cleaned with a brush, and the exterior can be wiped with an old rag.

dismantle the grill

Once the grill is clean, it can be disassembled into various recyclable parts. Sort metal parts such as body, lid, and grate. Do your best to identify different types of metals such as steel, aluminum, brass, and copper. Your recycling center will have bins for each, and keeping them separate increases the chances of the metal being recycled into useful materials.

Know the Plastic type

If you can identify the type of plastic in your grill and your local recycling center accepts plastic, you should be able to recycle items such as handles and side shelves. However, both are pretty big ifs. Many plastic parts may have to be thrown in the trash. Check the recycling symbol first, then visit his website for your local waste management office. You never know what you can save from landfills.

What to do with a propane tank?

how to recycle bbq grill - Propane tank

Leaving the propane tank on the old grill gives you a spare tank. If you want to recycle it, it’s important not to take it apart like you would a grill, but leave the propane tank alone. 

Store the Tank aside

Store the tank upright and outdoors where it is unlikely to be tampered with until you are ready to dispose of it.

Find Retailers

Many retailers such as AmeriGas and Blue Rhino collect steel propane tanks for free. You should be able to return the tank to where you purchased it or another local retailer. Whenever possible, propane tank manufacturers like Blue Rhino will paint tanks, replace non-functioning or obsolete parts, and sell them for reuse.

All non-reusable tanks are dismantled and recycled by specialists (made of easily recyclable steel and brass). The Blue Rhino can also siphon residual gas from propane tanks and reuse it. Another option for recycling propane tanks is to find out how your local waste district treats propane tanks. Residents of Seattle and Menomonee, Wisconsin can bring propane tanks to hazardous waste collection points, but not anywhere in the United States.


for recycling the bbq grill you can just easily follow these short steps. 
These steps are the conclusion of this whole blog: 


  1. Take the grill apart
  2. Remove the Propane tank
  3. Remove the gas valves (If you are concerning the Gas grill)
  4. Remove the grill body
  5. Remove the grill lid and side shelves
  6. Dispose of electronics and batteries
  7. Remove the control knobs and wheels

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