How to clean stainless steel bbq grill

If you love your grill as much as I do, you want it to look as beautiful as possible. Keeping your grill clean serves another purpose besides looking great.

This will ensure that your Napoleon Grill is in top working condition and will remain that way for a lifetime. The exterior of the grill is easy to care for.

Follow our instructions on what stainless steel is and how to care for it. But cooking grills are the face of the barbecue life, so you’ll want to know how to clean them and how to clean stainless steel bbq grill look like new again.


Diirty bbq grill grates

The best way to clean stainless steel BBQ grates is to clean them after each use.

Clean the stainless steel cooking grill with a stainless steel grill brush or bristle-free grill brush.

If you do this while the grill is still hot, you won’t have to do this the next time you go to cook, and it goes a long way in keeping your stainless steel cooking grill like new

How to clean stainless steel bbq grill - Steps to follow

clean Diirty bbq grill by using brush

1. Clean the grill while it is hot after the barbecue. This is a great way to pass time while the meat rests.

2. If you forget, preheat the grill to 500°F (high) for 10-15 minutes before cooking. When the grill is nice and hot, use the brush to remove debris from the last grill session


Unfortunately, sometimes something sticks to the plate, so don’t worry. Instead, try these tips:

  • While the grill is heated to 500°F (high), using a sheet of foil with the shiny side down over the problem area will solve the problem. When the grill is hot, brush away any obstructions with the grill brush. 
    The grill is very hot, so please wear heat-resistant barbecue gloves.
  • As a last resort, dip the dirty stainless steel grating in hot water and gently rub it until you hear a creak.
  • Remember, this will remove the seasoning you’ve created and you’ll have to put the seasoning back on the grate. Do not worry. You can reapply this seasoning by following the instructions on how to season a stainless steel cooktop.


To make this grid look brand new… Well, I can’t. After use, a so-called patina begins to form on the cooking grill.

The combination of heat discoloration and oil build-up in barbecue grills protects the stainless steel from corrosion and creates a non-stick cooking surface.

This doesn’t mean you can’t have beautiful meshes. As you can see in the video, seasoning the grills after every few uses using hot oils such as crissco, palm oil or lard, and keeping these grills clean will keep the grills in their best condition.

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