how to bypass control board on pellet stove

How to bypass control board on pellet stove

Cleaning or removeing the control board of the pellet stove is laborious and time-consuming. By following our step-by-step guide, you’ll be able to bypass the control boards on pellet stoves. There are numerous advantages to cleaning the Pellet stove’s Control Board. First, it is important to get rid of any dust or ash from your pellets before they’re burned in the firebox.
Make sure control board cleaning that will allow for more space for the combustion chamber to store pellets which means less trips out with coals in a bucket when you’re cooking dinner! Additionally, if you do not clean your controls, the chances are that it won’t function effectively because it will not be able to determine the level of pellets within the stove. This will generally not have a major impact, however, it could result in your pellets burning faster or hotter according to how it perceives the pellet’s level.
Here are some simple steps to control the board perfectly. Follow set by step guide and have solution!

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How to bypass control panel on pellet stove: Steps to follow

1. Stop the power supply

If the board is completely disconnected, it won’t reset itself. The most important element of this method is to make sure that your control panel will not be powered even for a few minutes. There is no additional switch to stop the power from getting to the board while you work on it.

2. Unscrew the Control Board

The last step is to get into the control board it self. Four screws anchor the control board to the lower part of the stove. They are on the upper left and right sides with two screws on each corner. There could be a slight variation according to the model you own but it’s fairly similar.

3. Find the Jumper

The cover will look similar to the one below. In this picture, you will notice that you have two leads running on the board, running in a row from right to left. they are the leads that we’ll work with.

4. Remove the Jumper

The jumper is attached to two contacts on the circuit board. It’s all it takes is a small device to get it out using a small screwdriver, and then quickly pulled it off. After you have removed the jumper, you can put tape on these leads. You can also leave them in their natural state or use whatever you like.

5. Close the Control Panel

6:Close the Control Panel The final step is rebuild the control panel, and then put the stove back into it’s pellet box. After this, you can begin using it immediately. No additional wires or switches are required. It is important to note that it won’t be effective if you disconnect the wires either from your power source or from the wire that connects your control board to the pellet stove. This will allow you to bypass the control board of your pellet stove.


Why My control board is not working

There are many possible reasons for the control board to not to function. If the control board is not working and has no light, and you have checked the power source, you’ll need to inspect the wiring to make sure that all connections are properly connected. Then, you should confirm that power is flowing to the controller. It is recommended to place the stove connected to a surge protector in the event there are significant shifts in the flow of power. Electricity surges or power outages typical during storm events could cause the stove to malfunction (short to). If the issue continues you can refer to the troubleshooting Your PelPro Stove with Dial Control video below.

What would cause a pellet stove to stop working

What would cause a pellet stove to stop working? The most typical causes for this are poor air flow, poor igniter, dirty unit and fuse, or blown, or a defective gasket around the an igniter could be avoided by regular maintenance and inspections by a professional.

How do you troubleshoot a pellet stove?

How do you troubleshoot a pellet stove? Clean and inspect the auger plate, hopper, and switches. Check and clean your auger and auger motor combustion blower and convection blower. Repair when necessary. Check all seals in the unit. Inspect all seals throughout the. Completely clean exhaust pipes and venting them to outside air. Check and clean the wires the terminals, electrical sensors, electrical wires and igniter. Clean the entire fire room (including the burn pot and draft chambers, walls of fire vent ports for exhaust, heat exchangers as well as glass) and the hearth, and then remove the ashes from the your property.

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